Anti-slip treatments for tile & stone

Voted No 1 in South Australia
Best Marble technicians have over 20 years experience in using anti-slip systems in nursing homes, anti-slip systems on commercial floors and anti-slip systems in residential bathrooms.

Is your shower floor, porch or balcony slippery when wet? We can help!

The  anti-slip system treatment will provide outstanding underfoot safety on all slippery surfaces such as: ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, terracotta tiles, mosaic tiles, granite tiles, vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles, limestone, marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo and concrete surfaces.

Kitchens, bathrooms, showers, laundries, pools, patios, steps... in fact anywhere a floor surface is a slip hazard (especially when wet) - inside or outside.

How does the anti-slip treatment make a slippery ceramic or quarry tile anti-slip safe?

The clear chemical treatment creates a  passive change to the tile surface that increases the co-efficient of friction on the tile surface, especially when wet.

The anti-slip treatment created within the surface of the tile is invisible to the eye. Nothing is left on the surface at all. This is not a sealer or a coating, in fact, after the  application is completed, the surface actually looks unchanged which means that ongoing cleaning can be continued in the normal way. The surface can be walked on immediately once treated.

No disruptions.
The slippery tile treatment can usually be carried out on the tiles during normal business hours with little or no disruption to business procedures! Work can also be done outside of business hours of course. The floor/tiled surface is safe to walk on immediately after treatment is completed.

Even though you can't see the anti-slip treatment - you can feel it.

No Special maintenance

Unlike surface coating and mats which require regular maintenance and can quickly look unsightly, our tile treatment  requires no special maintenance. Treated floors can be cleaned as per normal.

Please email or call us with your enquiry and YES we provide free quotes.

Our business operates in South Australia only.

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