Anti Slip Tile Treatment


We want to make your home safer. Many areas in the home or workplace can be hazardous due to slippery surfaces. Using our Anti-Slip Tile Treatment, we can reduce the risk of slips whilst the look of your tiles remains unaffected. As used successfully in many nursing homes in South Australia.

What you get: 
   ✓ Anti-slip treatment, no coating

    ✓ Effective on all wet areas          
   ✓ Ready to use immediately after treatment
   ✓ No need to change the way you clean your floors
   ✓ No mess, no dust process           
   ✓ Guaranteed for 5+ years

How It Works:
The clear treatment creates a passive change to the tile service that increases the friction especially when wet. The treatment may cause a change in shine or colour on some tiles and stone. We test all surfaces with our American Slip Meter® before and after anti-slip treatment.

Our Service Standards: 
   ✓ We arrive on time and complete our works on time.

   ✓ We work with you and minimise any inconvenience.
   ✓ We clean up after ourselves, no mess left behind.       

Antislip meter measures slipperiness of floor surfaces. Best Marble can show you measurable results

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The bathroom is the wettest area in the home. Reduce the risk of slips and falls and have our anti-slip treatment applied. Tile floor nonslip coating is a must. Slippery bathroom tiles can be remedied by Best Marble & Tile Care.


The shower is a hard place to keep dry, and is one of the most dangerous places in the home to fall. Our anti-slip treatment when applied to the shower floor tiles, improves the safety of this normally slippery spot. 


The kitchen is an ideal place to have anti-slip protection as it is an accident prone area. 


The laundry wet area has different spill hazards, especially since often they have an exterior door. Our anti-slip treatment will make your laundry area a safer space. 


If you have a pool, there are safety issues to consider other than safety fencing. Children splashing and jumping in are all part of the fun. The chances of a nasty fall are very real. Non-skid coatings for tiles are needed!

Call Best Marble & Tile Care and have anti-slip protection applied.


Reducing the chance of an accident on steps or stairs before they happen is always the best course of action. We have the know how and superior products to ensure that the risk of accidents is minimised.
Our fully accredited applicators will make sure you and your family stay safe.

Living Room

The living room is the heart of the home where families come together. Sealing your stone floors with the best quality anti-slip products is one way of ensuring the safety of your family and guests.


Drinks on the patio on a lovely summer's day. Children running around under the hose or playing in the nearby pool. Non-slip tiles are the safest solution.What better place to use the antislip treatment provided by Best Marble!