CLEARSTONE is a specially formulated coating that is applied using specifically developed techniques to afford the stones surface outstanding stain, etching and chemical resistance.
CLEARSTONE is the only product globally that gives a 10 year warranty against staining and etching.
CLEARSTONE is finished in such a manner that it does not look artificial or plastic coated and appears as a natural stone factory finish.
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Why use a coating system on stone?
The standard way of protecting stone is to apply ‘sealers’.
We have not found a sealer that can prevent ‘etching’, or for that matter, fill all the imperfections in the surface of the stone that can harbour bacteria. If you look closely at the natural stone’s surface it is full of open fissures, cavities, cracks and faults that look, from a distance, like dull areas on the surface or a different coloured vein that is a softer material than the main stone. These imperfections add to the stone’s aesthetic appearance and can be the reason for choosing the stone in the first place.
CLEARSTONE puts a barrier over the entire surface like a layer of thin clear liquid glass filling the imperfections leaving a smooth surface that prevents any materials/chemicals from coming in contact with the natural stone’s surface.
What is the difference between staining and etching?
Surface staining is where a chemical has left a coloured mark on the surface. This stain/mark may be sitting on the surface or have penetrated into the stone depending on how porous the stone is. Sealers will buy you some time to remove the offending chemical before the surface is permanently stained. This will vary depending on the sealer, stone and chemical involved, some chemicals can stain in minutes.
Etching is a totally different problem. A lot of problems that are associated with a majority of stone surfaces are that they are actually etched not stained.
Marble and Limestone are composed of calcite which is highly sensitive to acids spills which corrodes the surface (etching) thus damaging the polished or honed finish. Even acids in water can affect some stones leaving a white ring from a glass left on a bench top.
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These etch marks are deep and ugly
Pietra marble table at the Adelaide Hilton
No more etches or stains
Marble table coated and protected with Clearstone
This sandstone is not porous any more!
Gosford Sandstone with Clearstone
A fully protected marble kitchen
Breccia Marble with Clearstone
No more worries from cooking spills and splashes
Aglomerate Marble with Clearstone
Clearstone enhances the beautiful colours
Clearstone enhances the beautiful colours
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