Marble, Limestone & Travertine.

Marble flooring at its best

Services available for Marble, Travertine and Limestone: 
   ✓ Cleaning          ✓ Honing

   ✓ Sealing            ✓ Restoring 
   ✓ Polishing          ✓ Stain Removal
   ✓ Etch removal
  ✓ Sheerstone protective sealer for counter tops and bench tops

Marble, limestone and travertine all consist of calcium carbonate in one of its many forms. These stones are made from the composition of many layers of fossilized shells, bones, coral and whatever else mother nature put in there.  They vary in density, porosity, and colour. Marble, limestone and travertine have a  hardness similar to our teeth and bones and registers 3-4 on the Mohs scale of natural hardness.

Each of these natural stones are products of Mother Nature and need special care to maintain their natural beauty. To care for them properly one has to understand the nature of these stones as no two are alike.

At Best Marble, we understand the differences in stone and the subsequent and varied treatments needed to keep it at its best. We can make your stone shine or hone to a smooth satin finish, the choice is yours.

We will inspect your stone and offer recommendations and explain the costs to perform the required services.

Best Marble and Tile Care have the equipment, experience and more importantly the expertise to restore your marble, travertine or limestone  surface. Moreover we do it with true knowledge and professionalism.

We use the very latest equipment and technology and our service is a NO MESS, NO DUST process!

Marble polishing brings up  reflections

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This limestone needs restoring by the professionals at Best Marble & Tile Care

Balcony - dull and dirty

Limestone polishing, tiles polished & honed to original finish, grout cleaned - all sealed

Limestone professionally polished and sealed

Most marble tile high traffic areas will look like this in a few years

Marble entry worn badly

Marble tile cleaned, honed, polished & sealed

How your marble should look!

Limestone bathroom tiles dull and dirty

Limestone tiles need attention

Limestone bathroom tiles cleaned, polished and sealed, silicone replaced

Limestone polished and sealed

Limestone bathroom tiles stained, dull and dirty

Bathroom needs lots of work

Limestone bathroom tiles cleaned, polished and sealed, silicone replaced

Best Marble restored it like new

Serpentile tiles dull and etched.Some shampoos and cleaning agents can cause this

Cleaning agents can cause this this

Serpentile tiles clean, polished and sealed by Best Marble & Tile Care

Etches professionally removed then polished

Emperador dark marble with stains and etches from toilet cleaner

Stains from toilet cleaner

Emperador dark marble with stains treated, cleaned, honed & polished to look new again

Dark marble restored.

Emperador dark marble that has been cleaned with vinegar

Marble stained and etched by vinegar

Emperador dark marble fully restored, silicone replaced and sealed

Marble stains and etches removed

Many years of use in the kitchen can cause this

Badly etched marble bench top

We were able to remove the stains and etch marks, hone and polish to full gloss

After treatment, this marble benchtop shines like new