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Best Marble & Tile Care is an independent business providing professional services to the Australian Stone, Tile & Paving Industry.

We offer speedy, personal and professional service at reasonable prices in a range of areas where we have had extensive training and experience.

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We have extensive experience and training in 4 areas that is relevant to the industry.

  1. We understand the chemistry of cleaning
    Wayne is the only applicator in the industry that is a Master Technician with the Australian Cleaning Institute.  This means in depth training and accreditation in areas of pH, emulsifiers, acids, alkalis, solvents, oxidising agents, reducing agents and water damage restoration. This includes the study of mould, mildew algae etc and the awareness of health issues.Best marble also also hold a certificate in Health & Environmental Cleaning Systems.

  2. We understand the application and maintenance of sealers.
    As a factory trained applicators, we are trained by Spirit Marble & Tile Care. Spirit is Australia's largest manufacturer/distributor of cleaners and sealers to the tiling industry.

  3. We understand the products. Our core business was the distributor and supply to over 30 stores of Spirit Marble & Tile Care products, including  in-house training in cleaners, sealers and chemicals to the trade.

  4. We don't sell stone, we understand stone

    We have trained with the world's best including Maurizio Bertoli and Reg Pinto, arguably the most proficient stone processors in the entire industry, and highly recognized stone experts at international level.

    They teach highly sought after classes on stone restoration internationally. Not only had I the privilege of learning from these masters, but also what is most important, I can count on the direct assistance from them for any possible situation I might encounter.



Our Clients

At the most fundamental level, you could say that our clients are the Australian Stone, Tile & Paving Industry.
Since commencing business in 1995, we have had some hundreds of clients in areas of South Australia, and in several other states.

They range in size from one person retail jobs to companies with a few good ideas that need developing, through to the largest of trans-national companies with turnovers of many billions of dollars per year, and staff of many thousands.

These companies come along to us because we offer the best value-for-money services available.

We have come by much of our business by personal recommendation. This is the best advertisement for any company; that existing clients recommend our services to others.


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Best Marble is a member of the Australian Stone Advisory Council


Best Marble & Tile Care      Sheidow Park  South Australia 5158    0418 844 415


Best Marble & Tile Care Specialises in cleaning, sealing, stone sealing, polishing, anti-slip, Clearstone, non slip, restoration & maintenance,  granite, grout, basalt, bluestone, ceramic, concrete, marble, slate, travertine, terracotta, tessellated, porcelain, terrazzo, sandstone, limestone pavers & tiles.


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