Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Best Marble & Tile Care  even seals showroom pavers!
Services available for Pavers:
✓ Cleaning
✓ Sealing
✓ Stain Removal

We offer paving restoration cleaning for the removal of general soiling, building debris, leaf and bark stains, mould, mildew and efflorescence treatments. 
We expertly apply topical coatings and penetrating sealers to concrete, pavers and external stone.

We pressure clean concrete and pavers to 4000psi. This removes moss, mould, algae and building debris. Sand and pavelok can be replaced where necessary. 
At Best Marble we have specialized equipment and products for the cleaning and sealing of pavers. This includes pressure cleaning and scrubbing of pavers with specialized cleaning agents to remove efflorescence, grout smear and tannin stains from bark, leaves, berries and timber.

We offer 2 types of sealers for pavers, topical coatings and penetrating sealers. We are the preferred applicators for some of S.A.’s largest and recognised paving companies.
Nonslip treatments being applied to pavers

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Pavers before and after Best Marble treatment

Pool pavers with mould and algae staining

Pool pavers stained and soiled

Pool pavers restored by Best Marble & Tile care

Pool pavers cleaned - now like new

Pavers stained during installation


Pavers cleaned and colour restored

After treatment

Pavers stained during installation

Pavers looking patchy

Pavers cleaned and colour restored

Pavers looking new again

Pavers with black algae staining

Pavers need some treatment

Paver cleaning removes black algae. Paver sealing completes the process.

Such a difference! Black algae gone.

Pavers with leaf and bark stains

Pavers before treatment

Pavers cleaned by Best Marble & Tile care to remove tannin staining

Leaf and bark stains gone!

Limestone pavers looking dull and lifeless

Limestone before

Limestone pavers cleaned and sealed

A huge difference!

A newly installed paving area

Before sealing

Pavers after sealing by Best Marble

A nice look - see the reflections

These driveway pavers look horrible


Stone sealing & restoration  by Best Marble adds value

After treatment by Best Marble

Applying sealer protection to pool pavers

Sealing pool pavers

Sealers being applied by Best Marble and Tile Care

Pavers being sealed

Assisted drying after cleaning

Assisted drying

Pavers have been cleaned before sealing

Drying assistance

Before and after pressure cleaning pavers

Both before and after

At Best Marble we have 25 years experience sealing stone & concrete

Sealed aggregate

Sealed aggregate protects and enhances

Sealed aggregate- wider view