Pre sealing products - only the best used by Best Marble

Pre-sealing protects your investment

Why seal prior to laying new floors?

Pre-sealing is economical, water based, penetrating & natural looking sealer, acts as a grout release and can help reduce efflorescence.

It is used on more porous natural stones such as basalt, bluestone, granite, limestone, marble, silver travertine, sandstone, slate and concrete pavers.

Spirit Pre-Seal is a water based seal that works by penetrating into the stone. After drying the seal will reduce capillary action in the stone. This will resist any water or water based staining materials from absorbing into the stone. This is very important in stopping water marking from occurring during the laying process and assist future stain prevention by providing a foundational product that performs for many years. Spirit Pre-Seal will not affect adhesion or interfere with the laying of the stone, but will act as a grout release to assist in the removal of grout haze, this is important as the use of acid products can damage some stones. If the area is going to be used for entertainment or food areas, the stone should be further sealed with Spirit Water-based Premium Seal - an advanced impregnating seal that will penetrate the stone and will give years worth of protection against oils and food stains.

Dipping: This is the most recommended way of applying Pre-Seal as it will seal all six sides and assure that the seal is applied evenly through the stone. This is the best way to protect the stone from water damage.

Lambs wool: A lambswool applicator can be used; in order to seal the stone properly you must make sure that the sides of the stone are sealed as well.

Spraying: This technique is quite fast however it is important that you don’t let the sealer pool on the stone as this can cause an excess problem.  As Spirit Pre-Seal is a water-based product, a garden pump sprayer will be suitable.
Curing method:

Once the stone has been sealed with Spirit Pre-Seal by any of the above methods it is important that the sealer can dry and cure properly. The stone now needs to air dry, if they are stacked wet or packed pack in a crate they will not dry and the sealer may not perform. Spirit Pre-Seal needs 24 hours to cure fully before they can be laid. It is recommended that the stone is wiped with a white cotton cloth before stacking; this will prevent the tile sitting in a puddle of Pre-Seal. The picture below shows how you can to stack the tiles correctly.

Please Note: This is a general guide only. For detailed information please contact us.

Best Marble will happily come and inspect your surface and advise you with professionalism, experience  and care about the best solutions for you. We offer free inspection and quote. Please call or email us with your enquiry.
adhesive staining on porous tiles

adhesive staining on porous tiles

How to stack tiles for drying

How to stack tiles for drying