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At Best Marble & Tile Care, we specialise in cleaning, stripping, re-sealing and restoring of slate and sandstone floor tiles.
Firstly our process involves testing the coatings on the slate/sandstone floor to determine which sealer has been applied previously, as not all sealers are compatible.
(Some coatings may need to be stripped completely before commencing any works. We will advise our recommendations upon inspection).

Be wary of companies with toll free phone numbers, (usually interstate) offering quotes over the phone without first viewing the job, this can lead to unforeseen circumstances and poor results.

Cleaning can remove accumulated soil, but professional stripping is necessary to remove old coatings, sealers and wax.  Slate/sandstone should be sealed with an oil-repellent penetrating sealer or acrylic coating to prevent staining and reduce soiling.
We apply 4-5 coats of commercial grade slate/sandstone sealer. We use commercial grade sealers, as used by major hotel chains and as used in major shopping centres. These specialised coatings have high wear characteristics and will enhance and protect the colours of the natural stone, help prevent staining and make for easier maintenance. The modern sealers we use are non-flammable, non-toxic and  low VOC's, a lot more used friendly than the old style sealers.

We service many building companies and insurance companies for the restoration of damaged and flooded floors. We can also organise repair/replacement of damaged tiles and where renovations have been done.

We offer free inspection and quote. Please call or email us with your enquiry.

sandstone floor tiles

sandstone floor tiles

sandstone stripped, cleaned & sealed

sandstone stripped, cleaned & sealed

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