Slate and Sandstone

Mintaro slate after restoring

Services available for Slate, Sandstone, and Terracotta:
✓ Cleaning                    ✓ Polishing

✓ Sealing                      ✓ Restoring 
✓ Stripping                    ✓ Stain removal 
✓ Sealer removal         ✓ Paint removal 

Slate & Sandstone Tiles

Slate and Sandstone are fine grained metamorphic rocks composed mainly of clay, sand and silt. At Best Marble & Tile Care, we specialize in cleaning, stripping, re-sealing and restoration of slate and sandstone floor tiles.

Firstly we do a quick test on the sealer/coating on the slate/sandstone floor to determine which sealer has been applied previously, to ensure the new sealer is compatible. Some coatings may need to be stripped completely before commencing any works. We will advise our recommendations upon inspection. (We offer free quotations.)

At Best Marble & Tile Care, we specialize in cleaning, stripping, re-sealing, and restoring of Slate and Sandstone floor tiles.

Call or email us for a free inspection and quote.

Be wary of companies with toll free phone numbers, (usually interstate) offering quotes over the phone without first viewing the job, this can lead to unforeseen circumstances and poor results.

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This slate needs a lot of work

Sealer peeling

We stripped off the old sealer and applied 4 coats

Floor stripped and sealed

Sealer badly worn after more than 20 years

Old slate floor

Old sealers stripped to bare stone, cleaned, resealed

Stripped to bare stone, cleaned, resealed

Water damaged and sealer delaminating

Water damaged

All old sealer stripped, efflorescence treated, clean and resealed

Just look at that shine now!

Slate needs restoring

Peeling and flaking

Sealers removed to bare stone and resealed to as new condition

Old sealers removed & resealed

Sealer delaminating and worn

Old sealer flaking

Old slate sealers stripped, tiles and grout cleaned, 4 coats of new sealer applied

Tiles & grout cleaned - floor resealed

Mintaro slate damaged by furniture removalists

Deep scratches

Much cheaper than replacement

Restored! Scratches gone!


Sandstone Tiles before and after Best Marble's treatment

Sandstone tiles and grout need restoring

Badly worn sandstone tiles

Sandstone stripped, tiles and grout cleaned thoroughly, 4 coats of sandstone sealer applied

Sandstone tiles looking new again