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Adelaide's Stone & Tile Care Experts

Best Marble & Tile Care is an independent business providing professional services to the Australian Stone, Tile & Paving Industry.

My technicians and I, at Best Marble, offer personal and professional service in a range of areas where we have had extensive training and experience. We are experts in stone & tile care.

As a member of the Australian Tile Council of South Australia , Best Marble & Tile Care will provide professional service to accompany a superior product.

The right polisher for the right job

Extensive experience and training

Best Marble & Tile Care has extensive experience and training in 4 areas that are relevant to the industry.
  1. We understand the chemistry of cleaning
    Master Technician with the Austalian Cleaning Institute.  This means in depth training and accreditation in areas of pH, emulsifiers, acids, alkalis, solvents, oxidising agents, reducing agents and water damage restoration. This includes the study of mould, mildew algae etc and the awareness of health issues.

    We also hold a certificate in Health & Environmental Cleaning Systems.

  2. We understand the products
    Best Marble & Tile Care are sole distributor for Spirit Products in South Australia. We supply over 30 stores locally and supply in-house training in cleaning, sealing and polishing to the trade. We offer full technical support, on site visits are only a phone call away.

  3. We understand the application and maintenance of sealers.
    As factory trained applicators, we are trained by Spirit Marble & Tile Care. Spirit is Australia’s largest manufacturer/distributor of cleaners and sealers to the stone, tile and paving industries.

  4. We don’t sell stone, we understand stone
    We understand the geology of dimensional stone. We have trained with the world’s best at the International Stone Council, including Maurizio Bertoli and Reg Pinto, arguably the most proficient stone processors in the entire industry, and highly recognized stone experts at international level.

 Phone 0418844415 
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Best Marble is a member of the Australian Stone Advisory Council


Best Marble & Tile Care      Sheidow Park  South Australia 5158    0418 844 415


Best Marble & Tile Care Specialises in cleaning, sealing, stone sealing, polishing, anti-slip, Clearstone, non slip, restoration & maintenance,  granite, grout, basalt, bluestone, ceramic, concrete, marble, slate, travertine, terracotta, tessellated, porcelain, terrazzo, sandstone, limestone pavers & tiles.


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