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Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta is a fired clay tile, mainly composed of clay and silt. Saltillo tile is a rough-edged terracotta tile that is almost always found in shades of red, yellow and orange that are hand made & fired in wood ovens. The original clay originates in Saltillo, Mexico. Saltillo-type tiles are now manufactured at many places in Mexico, and high-fire "Saltillo look" tiles, many from Italy, compete with terracotta originals.The process is more eco-friendly than some other tile production, but it makes for a less durable product.

Saltillo tile is highly porous, and soaks in liquid easily, generally they can hold 40% of their weight in water! As it is unglazed, very porous, and easily stained, this tile must be carefully installed and sealed.   Once placed, it stains and scuffs easily if not properly sealed and maintained with a quality sealant. To avoid stain issues, please contact us for advice on pre-sealing them before installation. The process of installing pre-sealed tiles is simpler and less costly for the overall project.

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Terracotta post sealing
Terracotta cont.

The surface of terracotta is generally uneven. Cleaning can remove accumulated soil, but professional stripping is necessary to remove old coatings, sealers and wax. We use commercial grade sealers, these specialized coatings have high wear characteristics and will enhance and protect the colours of the natural stone, help prevent staining and make for easier maintenance. The modern sealers we use are non-flammable, non-toxic and low VOC's.

Firstly we do a quick test on the sealer/coating on the terracotta floor tiles to determine which sealer has been applied previously, to ensure the new sealer is compatible. Some coatings may need to be stripped completely before commencing any works. We will advise our recommendations upon inspection. (We offer free quotations.)

At Best Marble & Tile Care, we specialize in cleaning, stripping, re-sealing, and restoring of Terracotta floor tiles.

Terracotta after restoring
Yes we are trained technicians and use the latest processes to clean your terracotta floor tiles.
Generally it becomes hard to clean after the sealer has worn off. We can clean your terracotta tiles and re-seal it.
We would need to strip the terracotta, then clean and re-seal it.
Stripping off the old sealer is the best solution. We can strip the sealer from the terracotta back to the bare tile and then re-seal it.
We use four coats of commercial water based sealer, non toxic.
Yes we can strip and remove the old sealer.
Yes we can strip and remove the old sealer, then clean and seal the terracotta floor tiles.

Be wary of companies with toll free phone numbers, (usually interstate) offering quotes over the phone without first viewing the job, this can lead to unforeseen circumstances and poor results.

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Terracotta Tiles shown before and after Best Marble's treatment

This terracotta tiles floor has had no maintenance in years

Old and worn

After terracotta stripping, tiles and grout fully restored

Nice and shiny - fully restored

This floor has no sealer left and badly soiled

Dull & dirty

Remaining sealer removed, stripped, thoroughly cleaned & 5 coats of sealer

Looking much better

This terracotta has been neglected for years

Poor condition

A beautifully restored terracotta floor

Now in great condition

The sealer has worn away after many years

Needs protection

Cleaned and 5 coats of sealer applied

Sealed and protected

Terracotta floor tiles need restoring

Terracotta before

Terracotta floor tiles after sealer stripped, tiles & grout cleaned,  & 5 coats of sealer applied

After sealing, terracotta beauty shines through

This terrazzo has been neglected for years

Very dirty

Best Marble & Tile Care were able to strip off the sealer and clean and seal it.

Clean and shiny