Services available for Terrazzo:
✓ Cleaning        ✓ Restoring 

✓ Sealing          ✓ Stain Treatments 
✓ Polishing       ✓ Honing
Chip repairs   ✓ Crack repairs

Terrazzo is a flooring material consisting of chips of marble or granite set in concrete and polished to give a smooth and shiny surface. Best Marble & Tile Care has the equipment, experience and more importantly the training to restore terrazzo.

There is no substitute for true knowledge and professionalism and in Best Marble & Tile Care you have found a business that can deliver.
Stone is a product of Mother Nature and to properly care for stone - is to understand stone. No two stones are alike and for this reason, many stones need to be cared for in different manners. We are committed to excellence in service through honesty, knowledge, integrity and caring for our customers’ needs.
At Best Marble & Tile Care, we understand the differences in terrazzo and the subsequent varying treatments needed. Upon inspection of your terrazzo, we can offer our recommendations and costs to perform the required services.

We offer free inspection and quote. Please call 0418 844 415 or email us with your enquiry. All repairs, honing and polishing are done with our state of the art NO DUST, NO MESS process.

Please find below examples of our restoration work.


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Before Best Marble attentionThis terrazzo looks bad

After restoration, cleaning and sealing treatment by Best MarbleNow it looks great

Damaged verandah with weather stains, dirt etcWorn and pot plant stains

Best Marble has given this verandah a new lifeStains gone & looks new

Terrazzo bathroom floor dull and dirtyStained and worn bathroom terrazzo

Such a difference when Best Marble has treated this floorRestored, polished, sealed!

This terrazzo verandah is many years old and showing itOld and dull

Terrazzo verandah cleaned, hone, polished and sealedLooks new again