Tile & Grout.

What a difference a good clean by Best marble can make to a floor
Services available for Tile & Grout:
✓ Cleaning      ✓ Stain Treatments 

✓ Sealing        ✓ Silicone Replacement 

Tile is a beautiful alternative to other flooring materials such as carpet and timber. Because many tiles do not stain and are to easy keep clean, you can keep your floors looking great for years. But over time the grout lines between the tiles can become discolored from mopping and foot traffic. Your once beautiful floors can start to look aged and discolored. 

This is a common problem with a simple solution from Best Marble & Tile Care.
Best Marble & Tile Care uses state of the art restoration methods to deep clean your tile and grout. And best of all, it sanitizes as it cleans because we use ultra hot water along with environmentally friendly degreasers to loosen the dirt so it can be removed from the surface.

Because we understand the nature and chemistry of your grout, we can guarantee to clean your soiled grout back to its original colour!

Then we can apply (if desired) Stain Protection to your grout to help in the event of spills and make it easier to clean in the future. Use our easy to follow customized maintenance suggestions and your floors will stay cleaner, longer.
A job half done - an amazing change. The tiles look like new again

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Ceramic tiles with water and rust staining


Soils and iron oxide staining removed by Best Marble

Clean and shiny

Timber stains from construction

Tiles stained

Tiling is clean and grouting immaculate

Sparkling clean

Ceramic tiles and grout looking soiled

Tiled floor before

Tiles and grout cleaned & restored

Tiles & grout cleaned & restored

Heavy staining on this commercial floor

Ceramic tiles looking soiled

Note tiles now looking clean and grout restored

Tiles & grout colour restored

Bathroom tiles and grout with heavy soiling

Tiles before being cleaned

Ceramic tiles and grout restored to look new again

Ceramic tiles & grout look so much better

Bathroom tiles and grout need professional cleaning

Shower tiles before

Ceramic tiles and grout cleaned, silicone replaced

The same shower professionally cleaned

Heavy soiling in this high traffic area

Steps before

Not a problem for Best Marble to get them clean

Newly cleaned steps