Travertine Stone Restoration

Travertine and Marble

Floors, walls, countertops and vanity tops.

Clean, seal, enhance, polish, restore.

Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by hot mineral springs. Travertine often has a concentric appearance and usually comes in white, tan, and cream-colored varieties. Because it’s formed in hot bubbly water and then rapidly condenses, it naturally occurs with many holes.

Travertine varies in density, porosity, but most colours are neutral and has hardness similar to our teeth and bones, about 3 – 4 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

It can be called calcium carbonate, calcite or many others.

Stone is a product of Mother Nature and to properly care for stone - is to understand stone. No two stones are alike and for this reason, many stones need to be cared for in different manners. We are committed to excellence in service through honesty, knowledge, integrity and caring for our customers’ needs.

We don’t sell stone, we understand it

At Best Marble & Tile Care, we understand the differences in stone and the subsequent varying treatments needed. We supply cleaners and sealers to a network of Tile Stores and provide technical support to stores and end users.

Upon inspection of your stone, we can offer our recommendations and costs to perform the required services.

Best Marble and Tile Care have the equipment, experience and more importantly the training to restore marble plus true knowledge and professionalisn.

We offer free inspection and quote. Please call or email us with your enquiry.

All repairs, honing and polishing are done with our state of the art NO DUST, NO MESS process!

repairing & sealing travertine
repairing & sealing travertine
repairing & sealing travertine
repairing & sealing travertine
honed granite cleaned & sealed
honed granite cleaned & sealed
Travertine beautifully polished
Travertine beautifully polished
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Best Marble & Tile Care Specialises in cleaning, sealing, stone sealing, polishing, anti-slip, Clearstone, non slip, restoration & maintenance,  granite, grout, basalt, bluestone, ceramic, concrete, marble, slate, travertine, terracotta, tessellated, porcelain, terrazzo, sandstone, limestone pavers & tiles.


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